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Your windows are the eyes of your home. They connect you to the outside world and come equipped to serve several purposes. Given the importance of your windows, your choice of replacement windows should be deliberate. Whether you are replacing the windows in your home because the current ones are damaged or you want to install more efficient windows in your home, there are a number of things to consider.

As experts in window replacement and installation, Reliable Windows and Doors is your go-to window company in the GTA for all your window-related needs. We are happy to offer insight and we have a growing list of both commercial and residential customers who can attest to our exceptional window products and outstanding customer service.

With the right replacement windows, you can allow more light into darker spaces in your home, improve the energy efficiency of your home, tighten your home’s security and enhance the overall look of your home.

Why New Windows May Be Right For Your Home

On average, windows last 10 to 15 years. However, sudden damage or an underlying problem may result in you needing to replace your windows sooner. Other reasons why homeowners may choose to invest in brand new windows are:

  • Part of a renovation project – many homeowners wanting to improve their home consider upgrading their windows to better performing ones.
  • Building a new home – this creates an opportunity for custom windows and gives you the freedom to incorporate as many windows as possible to suit your style.

Reliable Windows and Doors has an array of specialty windows you can rely on for maximum performance and durability. Whether you need windows for your basement, kitchen, or other living space, we have just the right window solution for your needs.

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, we have just what you need. Our high-impact replacement windows offer superior protection during storms. Need commercial windows? We boast an impressive selection of windows for our commercial customers in Toronto and the GTA. You can count on us to deliver your windows on time and at a fair price. Designed to allow more light into your office space or other commercial building, our windows are built to last.

How do you know when to replace your windows?

Many people who own residential or commercial property do not know when they need to replace their windows and yet knowing this is crucial. We will help you assess your windows and determine whether window replacement is right for you.

Replacing your windows shouldn’t be a stressful process. With a top-notch professional window replacement like Reliable Windows and Doors, you have nothing to worry about. We believe in being upfront with our costs so you have no surprises on your bill.

While windows often require minimal maintenance, it’s paramount that your windows remain in good order to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.

Why choose us?

When you purchase our windows, you are guaranteed the following:

  • Durable windows – we source only the best quality material for our windows to ensure that you always get the best protection. Our windows can withstand high winds, hold up well during inclement weather and come in a variety of colours coated with fade resistant paint to preserve their vibrancy for a long time.
  • Insulation – the window panels are filled with argon gas which improves insulation by up to 30 percent. We also prevent leaking by applying a double glass sealing.
  • Energy efficiency – our windows come with high tech features that improve energy efficiency. Using Low-E triple glass coating prevents UV rays from penetrating the window.
  • Eco friendly – we use lead free PVC on our windows to ensure our products are safe for the environment.

What Type of Windows We Replace

We always want to make sure that our customers have an abundance of options when it comes to replacement windows. As experts in windows, we will gladly inform you about the features and pros and cons of each window type so that you have the tools to make an informed decision.

The types of windows we replace are:

Awning Windows


Awning windows use a crank mechanism to open the windows upwards and outwards. These are one of the most popular window types because they offer excellent ventilation and can remain open during rain and other precipitation. The crank mechanism is also well liked because it can be locked when closed for security. These windows have a long lifespan and hold up well against the elements & are a great window replacement option.

One of the features awning windows have is a compressed seal that makes them highly efficient. Awning windows are a perfect choice for areas in your home that need consistent ventilation such as your bathroom, basement or kitchen. And since these windows do not have any rails or bars, you can enjoy your view without obstruction. Another advantage of awning windows is that they are easy to clean and are low maintenance. The cost of replacing awning windows typically ranges anywhere from $350 to $1,850.

Casement Windows

Replace Casement Window

These windows are a top choice for many consumers. They open outward and are hinged on one side with a weather compressed fit that forms a tight seal when the window is closed. Casement windows are suitable for small spaces and are highly durable, thanks to the double and triple pane glazing system that gives these windows superior protection against the elements & are a great window replacement option.

Casement windows also have a crank mechanism that allows for easy opening and closing of the window, encouraging ample air circulation.If you live in a place that gets very cold in the winter, casement windows are your best choice for protection from cold and debris. This is because casement windows have a triple layer of weather stripping to combat drafts. When it comes to cost, you can expect to spend anywhere between $250-$1,850 for your casement windows based on the size of your window and materials it is made from.

Fixed Casement Windows

Replace Fixed Casement

A fixed casement window has the same frame, properties and general makeup as casement windows but cannot be opened. They are great for aesthetics and allow natural light into the room. Since they cannot be opened, fixed casement windows are often coupled with other types of windows & are a great window replacement option.

The disadvantage of fixed casement windows is that you will not get any ventilation benefits. Fixed casement windows are usually installed beside each other or other windows. For example, you may choose to have fixed casement windows at the bottom and an awning window above it to allow for ventilation. This way, you get the benefit of both light and ventilation. Fixed casement windows are ideal for rooms in your home that do not need much ventilation, and if safety is a concern, for example, if you have small children in the home, particularly in higher levels of the home, fixed casement windows may be a good option for you.

Single-Hung Window

Replace Single Hung

Single-hung windows, sometimes also called single sash windows, only have one sash and a fixed part that hangs vertically on the wall. The bottom part of the window can be slid up and down. Single-hung windows offer good ventilation and are a good choice for all levels of your home. Cleaning a single hung window requires you to tilt the bottom of the sash inward and wipe the exterior part of the window from outdoors & are a great window replacement option. You can expect to pay $230-$525 per window for single hung windows.

Double-Hung Windows

Replace Double Hung

These windows are another popular window type for both residential and commercial buildings because they are an economical choice and are energy efficient. Double-hung windows consist of a fixed part and moveable parts called sashes that can be slid from the top and/or bottom. This dual system allows for excellent ventilation because fresh air can enter through one open rash while the air inside your home can exit through the other. Double-hung windows cost more than single-hung windows & are a great window replacement option.

Due to the positioning of the sashes, they are a safer choice for rooms in the upper levels of your home. Double-hung windows have increased weatherstripping which is a huge plus during cold seasons. Due to its design, you can install a portable air conditioner unit in double-hung windows. Since they are vertical windows, another benefit of these windows is that they can easily be installed in rooms in your home that may have a limited width. The cost for double-hung windows usually ranges between $200 and $850 each. Both single-hung and double-hung windows are popular in homes that have a more traditional style.

Single Slider Windows

Replace Single Slider

Slider windows, also often called folding windows or glides, consist of a sash that can be slid from left to right within a single frame to open the window. Aside from the slider, there are no other moving parts. Slider windows come in a variety of sizes and can be custom-made to fit the dimensions of your window space & are a great window replacement option.

Single slider windows are great as basement windows since they are wider than they are tall. The built-in slider allows you to open the window easily to let air in and out of your home. The cases and sills of this window are smaller to allow for adequate ventilation. On average, slider windows cost between $300-$1,500 per window. If the windows are customized, the cost to replace the windows is between about $800 and $1,200 per window.

Double Slider Windows

Replace double slider

These are similar to single slider windows with the only difference being that there are two sashes that can be moved from side to side. An added benefit is that this allows even more air and light to enter your home. Double slider windows have the advantage of increased insulation and energy efficiency when compared to single slider windows because double slider windows have more internal air chambers within the window frames.

End Vent Slider Windows

Replace End Vent slider

These types of windows have similar features as a double slider window but with an added centre glass pane. This gives the window more width and allows you to open both sides of the window to allow air into your home. End vent slider windows tend to be larger than other types of slider windows, making them more advantageous in rooms where you want a lot of light coming in, for example, living rooms and kitchens & are a great window replacement option.

Picture Windows

Replace Pictures Window

As the name suggests, picture windows are known for their charm and picturesque appearance, making them an excellent choice if you are thinking of putting your home on the market at some point. But you don’t have to wait for that time to come, install picture windows any time and enjoy the view!

Picture windows don’t have any moving parts and cannot be opened or closed. They are typically large and are designed to fit in an ideal space on the wall. These windows are great for allowing light into the room and are often viewed as a decorative feature & are a great window replacement option. Oftentimes other types of windows are installed close to picture windows to allow ventilation into the room. We can help you decide on the best window type to pair your picture windows with .

Window Replacement Experts in Toronto

The type of window you choose for your home depends on your priorities and your budget. What is important to remember when deciding on a type of window is seeking expert advice to help you determine the difference between a good choice and the best choice.

Our replacement windows are top of the line and built with cutting-edge features that offer additional benefits like noise control and Low-E triple glass coating that blocks UV rays. We also build custom windows to fit your specific preferences. At Reliable Windows and Doors, we have just the right window for your home.  

Call us today to learn more about our replacement windows and request for your free quote!


Questions and Answers

At Reliable D&W INC., we specialize in a range of window and door services including repair, replacement, and installation for both residential and commercial properties. Our services cover various needs such as fixing broken window glass, repairing window frames, replacing doors, and addressing issues like broken window cranks or glass panes.

We strive to provide prompt and efficient customer service. Upon receiving your inquiry or service request, our team will reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs and schedule any necessary appointments. Our goal is to address your concerns and provide solutions in a timely manner, typically within 24-48 hours.

Yes, our team consists of highly skilled and experienced technicians who are certified in window and door repair and installation. They undergo rigorous training to ensure they are proficient in handling various types of windows, doors, and related components. You can trust our technicians to deliver professional and reliable services to meet your needs.

  1. Absolutely. We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and the products we use. We offer warranties on both our services and products to provide you with peace of mind. Our warranties typically cover defects in materials and workmanship, ensuring that you are satisfied with the results of our services. Please feel free to ask us about specific warranty details related to your project.

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